THE LONGEST DAY 2017 goes India


The collaboration for THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY Bangalore has been resulting from a longstanding exchange with the artists and activists Smitha Cariappa and Suresh Kumar, both living in Bangalore.

THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY, took place in Bangalore on February 14, 2017. It was organised within the framework of Sambhrama 2017, a three-day festival at Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) celebrating its 1st anniversary of the effort of democratic and successful restistance to Venkatappa Art Gallery being given away in Adoption. The celebrations was also for those who have kept this initiative alive. 

Text from the website about the initiative:
«Venkatappa Art Gallery has been a democratic space for Karnataka artists. Its very creation is steeped in the struggles and successes of Karnataka’s artists. It has been the venue for many historical events and shows in the past. It is also a space accessible, not only for Bangalore artists, but also for those in other parts of Karnataka. VAG Forum believes that it has to continue to remain this way., and thus, rejects an MoU signed in July 2015. The About section of this website will provide the reader with insights into the forums reasons to reject the MoU between MAP – an initiative of Tasveer Foundation, and the Government. We urge you, the reader,  to take the time to read the various sub-links provided in this section, to better understand the nuances of this issue. We hope that it will convince you to support this movement.»

Sambhrama 1st year anniversary announcement

Sambhrama THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY announcement

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