THE LONGEST DAY 2017 goes India


THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY, took place in Bangalore on February 14, 2017. The title underneath this project is THE LONGEST DAY goes INDIA and becomes THE LONGEST (PERFORMANCE) DAY at Cubbon Park Bangalore. We relayed on the format of THE LONGEST DAY in Switzerland, a performance marathon initiated in 2004 by Dorothea Rust and Peter Emch Zürich and 2014 and 2015  further developed and co-curated by Dorothea Rust and Irene Müller. THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY in Bangalore was organised within the framework of Sambhrama 2017, a three-day festival at Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) celebrating its 1st anniversary of the effort of those who have kept this initiative alive. With its setting the event referred to the curatorial format called THE LONGEST DAY which had been established more then ten years ago in Zurich (Switzerland), currently organised by Dorothea Rust and Irene Müller. This format understands the meaning of a «performance day» quite literary, thus the day of the event presents itself in a tight structure following an hourly rhythm from sunrise to sunset, meaning in Switzerland a nonstop programme of 16 hours.

For Bangalore Dorothea Rust and Irene Müller collaborated with two Indian artists, Smitha Cariappa and Suresh Kumar, who have been actively involved in the VAG protest movement and on whose expertise the artists had been invited. Additionally, the time frame was adapted to an overall time span of ten hours resulting in a time slot of about 20 minutes for each of the 27 artists. Half of the artists were under 35 years old and newcomers.

With our project THE LONGEST (PREFORMANCE) DAY at Cubbon Park we wanted to create a platform for contemporary performative approaches and strategies in India, thus supporting artists from India working in a performative way or in the realm of Performace Art. Performance  art is very relevant today in the global art scene. The public, audience, visitors and participants present at THE LONGEST (PERFORMANCE) DAY at Cubbon Park Bangalore experienced diverse approaches on a single platform. The core of the format was a non stop modus in one day, the exchange of creative energy between artists and audience being immediate in real time.

Performance practices can cover a broad realm of content, intent, but last and not least it is also an effective tool for activisme, supporting communities and initiatives such as the issues around Ventakappa Art Gallery /Cubbon Park.

14th February 2017 — Performance Marathon with 27 performance artists
15th February 2017 — Concluding Day with narrators Yash Bhandari, Smitha Cariappa, Irene Müller, Dorothea Rust

Sambhrama THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE DAY announcement